We've all heard the story. Health care reform, declining reimbursement rates, payment reform, etc. But, what can health care providers do amidst all of the change to accomplish better financial transparency? How can they overcome mounting data challenges to improve cost management and patient profitability?

Key Takeaways

This webinar is intended to identify the need for greater transparency due to the changing health care reimbursement model, including bundled payments and pay for performance. You'll discover how other industries apply activity-based management methodology and how health care providers and executives can glean insights to gain cost and profitability clarity to deliver quality care.

Listen to presenters explain the value of health care cost analytics and share how providers can:

  • Identify the need for cost accounting due to a changing health care marketplace.
  • Improve the cost effectiveness in health care delivery to patients.
  • Understand how activity-based management allows health care providers and executives to find the true cost of care.


Don McDaniel
President and CEO, Sage Growth Partners

McDaniel is a strategist, health economist, speaker, writer, and facilitator. He has held numerous leadership roles for health care, insurance and technology organizations, and is widely recognized as a thought leader.

Lou Galway

Solutions Architect, SAS

Galway has more than 10 years of experience with performance management solutions. He works to apply SAS® technology to customer cost and profitability business issues.

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