Today's anti-fraud systems rarely track, monitor or report behavior across multiple e-banking channels, allowing fraudsters to move quickly from old to new channels where the risks and vulnerabilities are not well known and can be exploited. How can financial institutions protect themselves and retain -- even enhance -- customer trust?

An Integrated Approach

Forward-thinking organizations are seeking to arm themselves against the next wave of fraud by implementing cross-channel behavior, anomaly and predictive analysis along with other advanced detection tools.

In this on-demand webinar, Victor S. Wheatman of Javelin and Manuel Da Silva of SAS discuss the security and anti-fraud measures consumers are most interested in and offer specific recommendations for protecting sensitive customer information and transactions. Discussion areas include:

  • Confronting the vulnerabilities of mobile banking, including consumer behaviors.
  • Assessing and preventing e-fraud consistently across channels.
  • Steps to creating an integrated approach for combating fraud.

These two security experts outline the risks specific to e-banking and underscore the importance of implementing effective detection and prevention programs to stay ahead of the fraudsters.

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