It's easy to become overwhelmed by the increasing volume, velocity and variety of big data. While it can be the key to uncovering profitable insights and answering complex questions, many organizations struggle to store, manage or analyze this valuable resource.

  • How can I store all my data?
  • Should I analyze it all?
  • What data points are really important?

So what's the missing piece to solving this big data puzzle? It could be a powerful framework with a rather funny name – Hadoop.

What is Hadoop?
Simply put, Hadoop allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across multiple computers using simple programming models.

How can Hadoop help you with big data? 
Join our brief webinar to find out. We'll discuss:

  • How Hadoop works and why it's important.
  • Using Hadoop to address your big data challenges.
  • Complementing your existing data strategies.
  • How advanced analytics can enhance and streamline Hadoop.



Brian Garrett, Product & Systems Architect, SAS

Scott Chastain, Product & Systems Manager, SAS

Bob Messier, Senior Director, Product Management, SAS

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