Big data is seemingly everywhere these days – in every industry and applied to virtually all types of data. Of course, with this exponential increase in data come significant challenges to maintaining data quality.

So it's no surprise that traditional data quality approaches often fall short when it comes to managing big data. It's time for something new.

This brief, on-demand webinar introduces a new term – big data quality – and describes an uncommon, but highly effective, approach to overcoming the challenges that big data and data quality can bring.

Highlighting three use cases from today's business world, this webinar explores how to:

  • Prevent fraud, waste and abuse.
  • Extract value from nontraditional data sources (e.g., sensor data, telematics, geocode data).
  • Understand data generated from social media.


Scott Chastain photoScott Chastain, Global Engineering Manager, Information Management and Delivery, SAS 




David Loshin photoDavid Loshin, President, Knowledge Integrity Inc.





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