When the volume, velocity and variety of your data exceed your storage or computing capacity, you've got big data. It can create some challenges, sure – but it creates even bigger opportunities for insurers.

Seizing those opportunities requires taming that tidal wave of data. And thanks to emerging high-performance analytics technologies, insurers can gain valuable insights from big data in less time than ever before.

In this webinar, we'll explore how high-performance analytics is changing the insurance industry as carriers incorporate telematics, unstructured information and other types of big data into their decision making processes.

Topics include:

  • New approaches to building models and preparing data for analysis.
  • The value of rapid iterations and expansive data analysis.
  • Applications in insurance, including risk-centric analytics, customer-centric analytics and finance-centric analytics.

Featured Presenters

Mark BreadingMark Breading
Strategy Meets Action

Mark Breading is a Partner at Strategy Meets Action (SMA), a strategic advisory firm offering a unique blend of advisory, research, and project-based consulting services to both insurance companies and solution providers. Breading is well-known for his perspectives on innovative uses of technology in insurance and the future of the insurance industry. Breading leads the research program at SMA, and has exceptional knowledge and experience in all aspects of advanced technologies and solutions that provide value across the insurance enterprise – including data and analytics, customer communications, enterprise content management, and mobile technologies.

Breading has held both technical and business roles in sales, consulting, marketing and business strategy, and has advised insurers around the world for almost 30 years. His roles have included IBM's Global Insurance Strategist, Global Insurance Marketing Leader and Director of Global Insurance Executive Conferences.

Stuart RoseStuart Rose
Global Marketing Director, Insurance

Stuart Rose began his career as an actuary and now has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. Prior to joining SAS, he worked for a leading global insurance company in its life and property and its casualty divisions. Rose also was responsible for marketing, product management and application development at a variety of software vendors.

He is a regular speaker at insurance conferences and has written many insurance-related articles. Rose also is co-author of the book Executive's Guide to Solvency II and is a regular contributor to the Analytic Insurer blog.

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