What if you could enhance and streamline the distributed processing capabilities of Hadoop while using fewer resources?  You can – with analytics.

Hadoop – Simplified and Augmented

In this webcast, Paul Kent, Vice President of Big Data at SAS, will show examples of how members of the Hadoop community can apply analytics to take full advantage of the richness and scale of the Hadoop ecosystem.

Some of the topics include:

  • Extending your big data abilities.
  • Complementing your existing data strategies.
  • Visually exploring massive datasets.
  • Creating and deploying data management and analytic code within Hadoop.


Paul Kent, Vice President of Big Data, SAS

Kent leads the teams responsible for many SAS® foundation technologies: Base SAS and related data access, management and presentation software. Kent has used SAS for more than 25 years and has contributed to the development of SAS software components, including PROC SQL, the WHERE clause, TCP/IP connectivity, and portions of the Output Delivery System (ODS). A strong customer advocate, he is widely recognized within the SAS community for his active participation in local and international user conferences.


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