Aiman Zeid,
Principal Business Consultant, SAS

Aiman Zeid has 27 years of experience in evaluating organizational maturity and readiness to deploy and use business analytics. He specializes in assessing the technical information management infrastructure, resources and skills, internal processes and culture of organizations in many industries and evaluating their alignment and capabilities to support the organization's strategies and objectives.

Zeid leads discussions and workshops with executive-level managers to define strategic objectives and the organization’s current capabilities and readiness. He also guides enterprise projects to develop roadmaps to implement the desired strategies and evolve organizations toward a higher maturity level. 

Kathy Lange
Senior Director of Consulting, SAS

Kathy Lange has more than 25 years of experience educating customers and implementing analytics solutions.  She is part of the SAS Americas Business Analytics Practice, which assists customers in defining business problems and crafting strategies for solving those problems with integrated SAS solutions, such as business intelligence, data integration, and advanced analytics.

Lange currently leads a team of business analysts that focus on high performance analytics and help clients analyze textual information that may be contained in documents, surveys, technical support notes, warranty repair records, emails and product reviews.  

Lange joined SAS in 1998 after 14 years at IBM, where she served as a statistician for the procurement and quality engineering departments for IBM’s largest manufacturing sites. 

Mark Troester
Senior Product Marketing Consultant, SAS

Mark Troester oversees the SAS' marketing efforts for information management, including data, analytics and decision management capabilities that are critical components of SAS Business Analytics and business and industry solutions. Troester also leads SAS' CIO and IT marketing strategy, which includes SAS High-Performance Computing, SAS OnDemand and SAS IT Intelligence solutions. Formulating product and marketing direction in both technical and business domains, Troester specializes in communicating the business value of technologies to IT.

Before joining SAS, Troester led the product marketing and product management efforts for software startups as well as established ISVs. Prior to that, he spent more than 10 years working in IT development and management for Hallmark Cards and InPower Technologies, successfully delivering manufacturing, HR management and financial reporting systems that resulted in bottom-line benefits.

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