Innovation in R&D is critical to success in today's life sciences market. Organizations are realizing the potential for advanced analytics to improve and transform the end-to-end process of clinical trials and drug development. However, there is still confusion in the market surrounding the meaning and purpose of advanced analytics and how it can be applied to fundamentally improve the clinical research process.

In this webcast, industry thought leaders will discuss and explain the potential for advanced analytics and explore ways to use analytics to drive innovation throughout the clinical trials process. You'll discover how analytics can be successfully applied to:

  • Trial design.
  • Site selection.
  • Site monitoring.
  • Patient recruitment and retention.
  • Clinical supplies forecasting.
  • Resource management.


Steve Labkoff, MD, AstraZeneca – Labkoff is the head of strategic programs in the R&D Information Department and is dedicated to using health care data for the development of ethical pharmaceuticals.

Alan Louie, IDC Health Insights –  Louie leads clinical development, strategy and technology research services at IDC Health Insights, spanning the entire life science R&D spectrum.

David Handelsman, SAS Center for Health Analytics and Insights – Handelsman works with a team of health care experts responsible for bringing innovative analytic solutions to the life sciences industry.

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