This webinar is designed to share the value of using technology to easily create and store your organization's data dictionary or glossary. You'll learn how educational institutions can effectively access, share and exchange terms and attributes by providing views of data logically across all data sources.

Key Topics

Join us to discover how you can access information that needs to be or has been reported to the federal government without a manual process. Other webinar topics include how to:

  • Track business definitions and document terms.
  • Graphically explore business terms and categories.
  • View relationships across data elements.
  • Use audit trails to know what data was changed and who changed it.
  • Store and apply definitions to guide all data management processes.
  • Reuse, manage and report on the use of a single glossary.


  • Emily Baranello – Senior Director of Education Practice, SAS
  • Charlotte Crain – Solutions Architect, SAS
  • Chris Ricciardi –  Senior Systems Engineer, SAS