In this time of massive data production, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Enter Hadoop – it's not just hype!

You've probably heard or read about SAS' early plans for Hadoop, including SAS/ACCESS® support for Hadoop. As of March 2012, it's official: SAS support for Hadoop is now available, and it's generating a lot of excitement. Our approach marries the power of SAS Analytics with Hadoop's ability to leverage commodity-based storage and perform distributed processing.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the technology behind how SAS both simplifies and augments Hadoop. 

What You'll Learn


  • How SAS makes Hadoop function as another data source, bringing the power of SAS and our well-established community to Hadoop implementations.
  • Why that's critical, given the skills shortage and the complexity involved with Hadoop. 
  • How SAS provides a uniquely robust and comprehensive information management lifecycle approach to Hadoop that includes data management and analytics management support.
  • Details on the SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop™ and the seamless and transparent data access it offers.

Featured Speaker

Mark Troester is the Global Product Marketing Manager for CIO and IT at SAS. He oversees the company's marketing efforts for information management and for the overall CIO and IT strategy. He began his career in IT and has worked in product management and product marketing for a number of Silicon Valley start-ups and established software companies.




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