Web analytics is not new to marketing, but marketers who rely solely on this technology may have already fallen behind. Today, advanced analytics capabilities – transforming big data into powerful insights and knowledge that organizations can act on in real-time – has brought big changes to marketing, and more opportunity than ever before.

Tune in to this on-demand webinar featuring Suneel Grover, a solutions architect from SAS, as he explores the timely topic of technology-driven, real-time applications that use digital data from both a digital and integrated marketing perspective. Learn more about: 

  • Dynamic granular data collection.
  • Automating data transformation for analytics to support digital and integrated marketing.
  • The role of advanced analytics in marketing right now. 
  • The impact on batch and real-time marketing for online and offline execution.


Suneel Grover is a solutions architect with the Communications, Content, & Entertainment vertical at SAS. In this role, Grover provides client-driven analytic and customer intelligence support with a focus on Marketing-related business challenges, such as Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Retention Marketing for batch and real-time applications.

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