The CIO and IT leadership are under extreme pressure to deliver business value and competitive differentiation. Forward-looking organizations can no longer stick with a "keep the lights on" approach.

Instead, today's expectation is for the CIO and IT to provide technologies, processes and capabilities that enable their business counterparts to consistently identify new markets and business strategies.

Analytics – The Key to Business Value

Featuring experts from Gartner and SAS, this session describes why analytics is the key to fulfilling these new expectations, and why it's important for the CIO and IT leadership to be the driving force behind an analytics-based culture. You'll learn:

  • The role and capabilities of analytics.
  • The critical need for collaboration between IT and business.
  • Considerations for designing an effective analytics infrastructure.


Hung LeHongHung LeHong
Research Vice President, Gartner

With 21 years in the IT industry, Hung LeHong focuses on helping senior executives and CIOs anticipate changes to business models and consumer trends caused by technology disruptors. His latest research is in the areas of emerging trends, mobile commerce, context-aware computing and advanced analytics.

Mark TroesterMark Troester
IT/CIO Thought Leader and Strategist, SAS

Mark Troester oversees SAS' marketing efforts for information management, including data, analytics and decision management capabilities, which are critical components of SAS® Business Analytics and its business and industry solutions. Troester also leads SAS' CIO and IT marketing strategy .

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