Who Should Attend?

Business analysts, VPs, directors and line-of-business managers from organizations of all sizes who are interested in effectively analyzing data for better decisions and better results.

One solution to compile, report, analyze and forecast

From implementation to results, get an inside look at the business issues, challenges and benefits involved in putting SAS® Analytics to work at TrueCar.com, an innovative automotive solutions provider.

Mikhail Semeniuk, Director of Analytics at TrueCar, will explain why his company turned to SAS for an analytics solution that didn't require a large staff but was flexible enough to grow with the company, and powerful enough to better manage data and create fast, accurate forecasts.

Key Takeaways

Learn how TrueCar used SAS to:

  • Cut the time needed to compile data from multiple sources from nine hours to one hour.
  • Forecast new car sales more quickly and to within 1 percent accuracy.
  • Create a multi-faceted executive dashboard that enables the CEO to communicate key metrics to investors and board members.
  • Drop its cost per click by 50 percent with a 100 percent increase in profitability.


Mikhail Semeniuk Mikhail Semeniuk
Director of Analytics

Mikhail Semeniuk works on the Research, Analytics and Development (RAD) team at TrueCar.com. As one of the company's first employees, he was responsible for the initial design and implementation of the pricing models, sales forecasts and the overall architecture of the analytics platform. Today he works on developing data- and algorithm-driven systems for new business lines (e.g., ClearBook.com), real-time analytics, and expanding the analytics platform to work with and analyze "big data."
Prior to joining TrueCar, he worked at United Health Group in a research and analytics group, but prefers the fast-paced start-up environment. He received his degrees in economics and mathematics from the University of Minnesota.

Get a sneak peak at what Semeniuk will be discussing. Check out the brief TrueCar customer story.

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