Enterprise analytics, workload management and high availability are crucial in today's competitive marketplace. SAS Grid Manager delivers on all those fronts. And, like many top performers, it does its best work among equally excellent partners.

With HP Converged Infrastructure and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the most popular platform for SAS Grid Manager, SAS customers can be confident they have the winning combination.

What You'll Learn

This webinar explores how to create a state-of-the-art environment for workload management with:

  • The scalability and high availability of SAS Grid Manager.

  • Performance on par with much larger systems, thanks to HP ProLiant.

  • The open source, enterprise-ready platform that is Red Hat Enterprise Linux – the fastest-growing operating system for SAS deployments.

Thanks to this powerful trio, upfront costs are lower, energy efficiency improves and long-term total cost of ownership shrinks. 


Gary Geramanis

Gary Geramanis

Business Development Director
Red Hat

Geramanis leads the cross-functional team at Red Hat responsible for the technology, marketing and sales relationship with SAS. Under his leadership, Red Hat Enterprise Linux has experienced dramatic growth as an operating system platform among the SAS customer base and is now the fastest-growing platform and the dominant Linux platform for SAS customers.

Bob Augustine

Bob Augustine

Technical Account Manager Assigned to SAS

Augustine coordinates technical matters between SAS, customers and HP. He joined HP in 1988, and for the past 15 years he has worked with external business partners to ensure their products function optimally on HP systems. Responsibilities include assisting with porting of software across platforms, solving performance issues, customer pre-sales interactions, integration of HP software with partner software and benchmarking.

Cheryl Doninger

Cheryl Doninger

Senior Director of Research and Development

As director of a large product-development group, Doninger plays a key role in setting the company's technical direction in scalability, grid and cloud computing. As a leading advocate for distributed technologies, she is a frequent speaker on grid and cloud computing, has served on several conference program committees and has authored several technical papers on this technology area.


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