Enterprise risk management (ERM) is more than a collection of organizational functions. It integrates all risk efforts under one set of common definitions, process framework and system solutions. Because ERM is an ongoing process rather than a finite project, building a successful program requires continuous evaluation and refinement.

In this webinar, financial risk experts will discuss ERM methodology and offer practical illustrations to address:

  • How ERM programs are best initiated in an organization.
  • How risk managers can help those in leadership avoid surprises and better anticipate future challenges.
  • How to ensure and monitor alignment of strategy, risks, controls, compliance, incentives and people.
  • How risk appetite relates to ERM and how it is enforced during strategy execution.


Mona LeungMona Leung
Chief Financial Officer,
Alliant Credit Union

Leung has more than 20 years of experience in leading finance organizations to deliver superior financial results and cultivate high-performing teams for Fortune 500® companies such as PepsiCo and Sears. She launched the enterprise risk management program at Alliant Credit Union four years ago and has gained industrywide recognition for her work.

Clark AbrahamsClark Abrahams
Global Marketing Director, Governance, Risk and Compliance,

An author, inventor and former Chief Risk Officer, Abrahams is currently on the board of Social Compact and a committee member on OCEG's Leadership Council. With a career spanning nearly four decades, he is a passionate proponent of the fusion of analytics and judgment for better business decisions.

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