Whether you're considering an upgrade or already have the SAS 9.3 release, this complimentary 50-minute session will help you get the most out of the new foundation features.

With the release of SAS 9.3, we've added new algorithms and functionality to help you address issues in new ways and tackle your organization's most pressing problems.

What You'll Learn 

  • Improvements in searching metadata in SAS Management Console.
  • New hot, automated backups for SAS Metadata Server.
  • Advances in object promotion and comparison tools.

About the Presenter

Amy Peters
Principal Product Manager, Technology Direction and Infrastructure Product
Worldwide Marketing, SAS

Hired as a SAS instructor in 1987, Amy Peters taught classes and developed courses before taking responsibility for course development and overseeing the overhaul of the curriculum for SAS 7 and 8. For the next 10 years, Peters managed SAS Education's Customer Service Department. She's thrilled to now be in product management at SAS, working on keeping Base SAS users happy and making sure SAS administrators have the tools they need to keep SAS environments humming.

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