Governments are facing unprecedented demands for increased efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability. Utilizing SAS to manage government data, public agencies can increase efficiencies in tax collection, combat fraud and maximize public services for their citizens.

View our complimentary analytics webinars on your own schedule to find out more about how a comprehensive suite of analytics software can help public and private organizations reduce uncertainty, predict with precision and optimize performance.

On-Demand Webinars

  • Analytics 101
    This session will describe the benefits and importance of making analytics an integral part of your strategy for value creation. Learn how to turn your data into a strategic asset and uncover new insights for better, evidence-based decisions. Download the conclusions paper.
  • Data Mining 101
    Learn about critical analytic data preparation steps, how to build models that reflect multiple business scenarios and collaborative model scoring methods that will generate timely, accurate results.
  • Text Analytics 101
    Learn how the latest technologies can help you seamlessly leverage text-based content such as social media, improve efficiencies and ease staff resources to add a new dimension of insight to your business initiatives. Download the conclusions paper.
  • Forecasting 101 
    This session will describe emerging methods for organizations to save time and money on forecasting. These proven practices help eliminate waste, streamline forecasting efforts, reduce costs, and achieve forecasts as accurate as can be reasonably expected, as efficiently as possible.