What if you could reduce all of your online and social media vehicles into a single, monthly index to track and measure your consumers' awareness, interest and consideration? And what if that index could track your competitors' customers as well?

Tune in to this webcast to hear a case study on how Pulte Group, one of the largest homebuilders in the US, was able to maximize the benefits of its online and social media channels – and how you can too. 

Learn new ways to optimize marketing and sales strategies more cost effectively than you can with surveys, panel studies or focus groups.

  • Combine different forms of online data.
  • Manage, scrub and modify data to better understand it.
  • Analyze data to reveal consumers' feelings.
  • Link data mining and forecasting to create future vision.

Boost business decisions

The proliferation of new media channels has reshaped the industry and challenged traditional business models.

  • Audiences are deeply involved, with more choices and control than ever.
  • Data is overwhelming and often unstructured.
  • Markets are converging, but audience insight is not.
  • Audience attention and dollars are increasingly fragmented.

Industry experts will explain how you can turn these challenges into an array of new marketing opportunities.

Featured speakers

Suneel Grover

Suneel Grover

Solutions Architect
SAS Media, Entertainment and Advertising

Suneel Grover provides analytics, business intelligence and customer intelligence consultative services in media, entertainment, advertising/marketing, communications and technology. Blending data-driven decision science with marketing strategy, Grover solves customers' complex business problems using SAS core competencies. Prior to joining SAS, Grover worked with marketing analytic departments at Fortune 500 brands such as Citi and MetLife.

Jason Harper

Jason Harper

VP, Marketing Intelligence
Organic Inc.

Dubbed a social media "soothsayer" by MIT in 2010, Harper heads up the Marketing Intelligence Group at Organic Inc. (Organic.com). He and his team at Organic have developed a highly sophisticated, scientific approach to quantifying interactive marketing, which is now at the core of client strategy and planning. Prior to joining Organic, Harper developed many pioneering industry reporting and analytics solutions and has had brand experiences with Bank of America, Go Daddy, Kimberly-Clark, Procter & Gamble, and a range of other international corporations.

John Bejnarowicz

Senior Statistician
Organic Inc.

John Bejnarowicz works with Organic Inc. in Detroit using advanced analytics to help clients optimize and strategize their online media and social media presence. Bejnarowicz has worked in advanced marketing analytics for the past 13 years with companies such as AC Nielsen and Kraft Foods. His analytics work covers a range of disciplines, including brand marketing, sales and retail analytics, and has included marketing mix, shelf optimization, brand extensions, new product introductions, advertising effectiveness, promotion and pricing.

Vinicius Vivaldi

Sr. Solutions Architect
SAS Media, Entertainment and Advertising

Vinicius Vivaldi is part of a team driving the analytical opportunities for all communications, content and entertainment-related accounts, including advertising and media. Vivaldi provides technical advice and mentoring for SAS customers. His areas of expertise include data mining, text analytics and social media analytics. Prior to joining SAS, he created customer segmentation, credit scoring and fraud detection applications for one of Brazil's largest banks.


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