As the most comprehensive reporting package of value-added metrics available in the educational market, SAS® EVAAS® for K-12 provides valuable diagnostic information about past practices and reports on students' predicted success probabilities at numerous academic milestones. By identifying which students are at risk, educators can be proactive, making sound instructional choices and using their resources more strategically to ensure that every student has the chance to succeed.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify highly effective teachers and principals based on student growth and progress.
  • Help teachers and principals improve student learning and provide an exceptional education to every child, thereby providing an equitable learning opportunity to all students.
  • Empower district leaders with reliable analyses and evidence to support decision making and school improvement planning.

Featured Presenter

Stefani Barbero

Stefani Barbero

Manager, SAS EVAAS Educator Support

Barbero brings nearly two decades of experience in software and media development to the SAS EVAAS team. In 2003 she joined SAS, where she oversaw the development of the SAS EVAAS Web reporting software. In her new role as Manager of SAS EVAAS Educator Support, she leads a team of experienced educators who provide training and professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators and other practitioners who affect student outcomes. This team offers practical guidance in using data to leverage effective teaching, allocate resources to best support the instructional delivery, and maximize progress opportunities for students.

Barbero began her career writing and producing instructional and educational videos and public affairs television programming. Later, she managed the research department for a national public television show that reported on advances in biomedical research. After writing a successful grant proposal to produce an entertaining multimedia program to teach first-graders about good nutrition, funded by the National Cancer Institute, she turned her attention to educational multimedia. Over the course of several years she wrote, produced and managed the production of a wide range of educational programs, including several series of interactive programs for high school science instruction and two projects with The History Channel on the American Civil War and the history of Ellis Island.


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