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Directors, line-of-business managers, business and data analysts, business and power users, quantitative modelers and decision makers who want to view, analyze, share and make evidence-based decisions.

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This special webinar features renowned author and futurist Thornton May, as he explores real-world examples of how enterprise IT and the analytic community can work together toward "framing the future and ending the data wars."

Sometime during the first decade of the third millennium, our species rediscovered the importance of data. This is a good thing. However, in every vertical market, data wars are breaking out. Questions of ownership and responsibility in regards to converting raw data into useful knowledge have become a hot-button issue.

Anthropologists call a situation when your framework and the other person’s framework are so fundamentally different that they are hard to reconcile a “systemic misunderstanding.”  Such misunderstandings are particularly acute between enterprise IT and the analytic community.

As we dive into these topics during the webinar, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions of Thornton May.


Thornton May Thornton May
Futurist; Executive Director and Dean of the IT Leadership Academy in Jacksonville, FL

In addition to serving as Executive Director and Dean of the IT Leadership Academy, May is a Futurist on the External Technology Advisory Board at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering and co-founder of the CIO Solutions Gallery at the Fisher College of Business (Ohio State University) where he also teaches the MIS program for EMBAs.
May's insights have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review, American Demographics, USA Today, Bloomberg Businessweek and on National Public Radio. He is a columnist at Computerworld and has served as an advisor to the founding editors of Fast Company magazine. His recently released book is The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics.
May obtained his bachelor’s degree in Asian studies from Dartmouth College; his master’s degree in industrial administration from Carnegie-Mellon University; and developed his Japanese language competence at the Center for Japanese Studies at the University of Michigan and Keio University in Japan. 

The Series Overview

The 2011 Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series will focus on enabling your organization to make strategic business decisions that optimize enterprisewide performance, and explain why it's critical to integrate business analytics into your overall business strategy.

Discover how SAS delivers on the promise of business analytics through the combined strengths of the SAS® Business Analytics Framework – comprising industry and line-of-business solutions – data management, analytics, and reporting – and hear directly from current SAS customers about the application of these solutions, from implementation to results. Learn more.

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