The unifying theme of "making the world a better place" is bred from diversity. Join us for a look at how analytics contributes to, and draws from, multiple disciplines. For instance, the same methods used in econometrics might be used in market research, psychometrics and other disciplines. In a similar way, diverse paradigms are needed to best solve problems, reveal opportunities and make better decisions.

What You'll Learn

Offering practical advice and providing specific examples drawn from history and science, this webcast:

  • Explains why multiple paradigms are needed for analysis and visualization in order to create value from data and innovatively solve problems. 
  • Explores how to create more analytic bandwidth in your organization through the use of various analytical paradigms.
  • Focuses on the importance developing capabilities through multiple integrated languages and interfaces in order to formulate and solve a wide range of problems.


Anne H. Milley
Senior Director Analytic Strategy
JMP Product Marketing

Anne Milley directs analytic strategy in JMP Product Marketing at SAS. Her ties to SAS began with bank failure prediction at Federal Home Loan Bank Dallas and continued at 7-Eleven Inc. She has authored papers and served on committees for F2006, KDD, SIAM, A2010 and several years of SAS' annual data mining conference. In 2008, Milley fulfilled a five-month SAS assignment at a UK bank. Anne is a contributing faculty member for the International Institute of Analytics.

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