In our socially connected world, customer-centricity is critical to business success. And customer intelligence solutions have never been more strategically important to companies as the key means to drive customer-centricity. This on-demand webinar by AMA, sponsored by SAS delves into how campaign management and optimization drive marketing effectiveness as part of an overall customer intelligence strategy.

Don't miss the chance to view this engaging webinar featuring CRM industry thought leader Denis Pombriant and John Bastone from SAS as they examine how marketing automation solutions with predictive analytics, real-time decision making and the ability to integrate social media insights are the key enablers to keeping marketing relevant.


Denis Pombriant
CEO and Principal Analyst
Beagle Research, LLC  

As a well-known analyst and thought leader in the CRM space, Denis Pombriant writes for CRM magazine,,, CRM Buyer as well as his own website and blog. He conducts research in emerging areas of front office technology and business and consults regularly for many of the leading companies in CRM.

For more than 10 years, Pombriant has made a habit of identifying and promoting emerging ideas in CRM and the broader software market. In 2002 he began covering the integration of social networking and analytics in CRM; in 2004 he wrote an influential white paper titled The New Garage that proved to be the blueprint for cloud computing. Since 2008, he has focused his attention on sustainable business processes and the role that CRM and other front office technologies play in sustainability.

John Bastone
Global Customer and Media Intelligence Manager

John Bastone is an integral part of SAS' Global Customer Intelligence Product Marketing organization. Bastone has has more than 15 years of experience performing marketing, computer programming, consulting and analytics roles for companies such as Verizon Data Services and Catalina Marketing. His areas of expertise are behavior-based marketing and social media analytics, and he's a frequent contributor to periodicals and a presenter at conferences worldwide.

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