In today’s increasingly data-driven world, marketers have never been more accountable to justify every dollar of expense and prove how their initiatives are driving profitable growth for the organization. Presented by AMA and SAS, this webinar brings together social measurement guru Katie Paine and John Bastone of SAS to discuss  what organizations need to measure for maximum profitability and how to find opportunities through better listening. Together, they explore how to:   

  • Navigate the unprecedented explosion of data available to marketers.
  • Focus on the right things to measure.
  • Find real opportunities to drive profitable revenue growth through better listening.


Katie Delahaye Paine

KDPaine & Partners

Katie Paine is the CEO and founder of KDPaine & Partners LLC and author of Measuring Public Relationships: The Data-Driven Communicator's Guide to Success and The Complete How-To Guide to Measuring Social Media. Paine also writes the first blog and the first newsletter dedicated entirely to measurement and accountability. In the last two decades, she and her firm have listened to millions of conversations, analyzed thousands of articles, and asked hundreds of questions in order to help her clients better understand their relationships with their constituencies. Learn more about Paine at

John Bastone

Global Customer and Media Intelligence Manager

John Bastone is an integral part of SAS' Global Customer Intelligence Product Marketing organization. With more than 15 years of experience performing marketing, computer programming, consulting and analytics roles for companies such as Verizon Data Services and Catalina Marketing, his areas of expertise are behavior-based marketing and social media analytics. Learn more about Bastone at


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