Webinar Details

SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 includes several new programmer productivity tools that will help SAS programmers of all skill levels to create and maintain SAS programs with greater confidence and efficiency.

Whether you are creating new programs from scratch or simply maintaining existing programs, the new tools will provide you with greater insight into the syntax that you use and the flow of your programs

What You'll Learn 

  • Syntax suggestion and autocomplete for the SAS language. 
  • Integrated syntax reference help.
  • A program "tidy" feature to format your programs for readability.
  • A SAS code analyzer to create a process-flow view from your existing programs.

Who Should Attend?

Any SAS programmer – from the new SAS student to the seasoned veteran – that wants to see what the new tools can do for you.

Featured Presenter
Chris HemedingerChris Hemedinger is a Senior Software Manager in SAS R&D.

He's also co-author of the popular SAS for Dummies book, host of The SAS Dummy blog and moderator of the SAS Enterprise Guide discussion forum.



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