In today's multichannel world, it is essential that marketing messages be relevant. As the global leader in targeted marketing and shopper-driven media, Catalina Marketing has mastered the use of technology to make sure customers get offers that matter most to them, building product and brand loyalty as well as profits.

No matter what size your customer/prospect base or data sets, there is a science to creating offers that help you attract and keep the best, most profitable customers. Don't miss the opportunity to hear first-hand how Catalina turned challenges into opportunities to become one of the top precision marketers in the world.

Discover how Catalina:

  • Pioneered customer targeting based on point-of-sale data.
  • Targets customers by gleaning customer insight from massive amounts of customer data.
  • Continues to advance and improve its efficiency and effectiveness through technology.


  • Ryan Carr – Vice President Data Mining and Analytic Automation, Catalina Marketing
  • Matt Rollender – Director of Strategic Alliances and Technology Partnerships, Netezza
  • Larry Mosiman – Customer Intelligence Product Marketing Manager, SAS 

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