Who Should Attend?

VPs, directors and line-of-business managers who are interested in further promoting the effective use of data and analysis for better decisions and better results.

Why You Shouldn't Miss This Webinar

Organizations today are dealing with diverse issues, a wider range of regulations and heightened global competition. There has never been a greater need for proactive, evidence-based decisions and agile strategies. By delivering insights that are gleaned from data about customers, suppliers, operations, performance and more, business analytics empowers you to:

  • Solve complex business problems.
  • Manage performance to achieve measurable business objectives.
  • Drive sustainable growth through innovation.
  • Anticipate and manage change.

SAS delivers on the promise of business analytics through the combined strengths of the SAS® Business Analytics Framework.

The Big Picture

This overview of the SAS Business Analytics Framework will describe how to foster greater business intelligence in your organization and why it's critical to integrate business analytics best practices into your overall business strategy. See examples of data integration, analytics, reporting and business processes. Learn how to apply the SAS Business Analytics Framework to drive better decisions for a variety of key business issues, such as:

  • Predicting key customer events (attrition, up-sell, default).
  • Detecting fraudulent activity.
  • Achieving better forecasts to drive a variety of other KPIs.
  • Understanding implications of customer sentiment.


Tapan Patel
Global Product Marketing Manager, Predictive Analytics and Data Mining, SAS
With more than 10 years in the enterprise software market, Patel leads product marketing for predictive analytics and data mining as well as in-database analytics and high-performance computing. He works closely with partners, industry analysts, press and internal stakeholders to ensure that SAS continues to deliver high-value solutions to meet the needs of customers worldwide. 

Prior to his role at SAS, Patel worked as a Senior Product Manager and Market Research Analyst at HAHT Commerce Inc. Prior to that, he worked in product and project management roles at Core Healthcare Limited.

Patel is a graduate of the Jenkins Graduate School of Management at North Carolina State University, where he concentrated on information technology management and earned an MBA degree. 

James Taylor
CEO and Principal Consultant, Decision Management Solutions

James Taylor is a leading expert in decision management and is passionate about using decision-making technologies such as predictive analytics to help companies improve decision making and develop smarter, more agile processes and systems. He has more than 20 years' experience developing software and solutions for clients and has led decision management efforts for top companies in insurance, banking, health management and telecommunications. He is an active speaker, blogger and writer and was lead author of Smart (Enough) Systems: How to Deliver Competitive Advantage by Automating Hidden Decisions. Taylor has experience at FICO, PeopleSoft, and Ernst & Young, and is currently a faculty member of the International Institute for Analytics.

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