This session will explore forecasting, optimization and simulation analysis, and how these techniques, used together or separately, can improve your business operations.

From forecasting demand to improve staffing levels, to determining the optimal mix of tables for your restaurant, to simulating front desk operations before a redesign, these advanced analytic techniques can help you better understand your operations and increase revenues and profits.

Learn about: 

  • The characteristics and capabilities of each application.
  • The data requirements necessary to integrate them into your enterprise.
  • Methods and techniques by which you can put them to work for you.


Peter Zilper

Peter Zilper

VP Marketing

Peter Zilper leads marketing for the ARAMARK Sports, Entertainment and Conventions business. He develops growth programs for more than 160 client organizations, which comprise a $1.34 billion portfolio. His clients include 39 Live Nation amphitheaters, more than 40 convention centers, 13 Major League Baseball teams, 11 National Football League teams, 12 National Basketball Association teams and 12 National Hockey League teams. Zilper created an in-depth research program for consumer insights and uses extensive sports fan research to develop marketing and technology solutions for professional sports teams. He earned a master's in management from Cornell University, a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and an AAS in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales University.

Sheryl Kimes

Sherri Kimes, PhD

Singapore Tourism Board Distinguished Professor in Asian Hospitality Management
Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

Sherri Kimes is a professor of operations management at the School of Hotel Administration. Named the school's graduate teacher of the year three times, Kimes teaches restaurant revenue management, yield management and food and beverage management. Her research interests include revenue management and forecasting in the restaurant, hotel and golf industries. She has published more than 50 articles in leading journals and has served as a consultant to many hospitality enterprises around the world. Kimes earned her doctorate in operations management in 1987 from the University of Texas at Austin.

Alex Dietz

Alex Dietz

Global Sales Development and Product Management

Alex Dietz is the product manager for SAS’ Hospitality and Travel practice, and a more than 20-year veteran of pricing and revenue management solutions development and consulting in hospitality, travel and retail.  Prior to joining SAS, Alex was the Vice President of Revenue Management and Marketing for Raleigh-Durham based Midway Airlines from 1998 to 2002, reporting directly to CEO Robert Ferguson. Alex earned his MBA and BS degrees (industrial engineering and operations research, respectively) from Syracuse University.



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