In the aftermath of the economic crisis, financial institutions are facing a dramatic rise in bad loans. What can lenders do to reduce charge-offs? What can buyers of loan portfolios do to maximize the value of the distressed assets they've purchased?

The answer to both questions is to increase the focus on collections and recoveries by putting analytics to work on your data. With analytics, you'll make smarter business decisions across the board. Analytics can help you predict how individual accounts are likely to behave and respond to your collections efforts – and analytics helps you handle those accounts in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

In this Webcast, you'll learn how analytics can help you determine:

  • Which collection strategies would maximize profits on individual accounts – taking into account contractual obligations, capacity, costs and more.
  • Which debtors are most likely to skip or go bankrupt.
  • What is the value of a portfolio under consideration for purchase or sale.
  • Who is most likely to pay when contacted by phone, by mail or by legal action.

Featured Speakers

Bobbie Britting

Research Director, Consumer Lending

Bobbie Britting is a Research Director in the Consumer Lending service at TowerGroup, covering home equity, student, auto and personal lending. Her expertise, acquired during a 19-year career in financial services, includes product development, marketing, Internet lending and partnership management.

Prior to joining TowerGroup, Britting held management positions at several leading financial services companies, including Ellie Mae, Wells Fargo Consumer Credit, Fair Isaac Co. and Citicorp.

Lee Groom

Vice President of Analytics
SquareTwo Financial

Lee Groom is responsible for statistical modeling, portfolio valuation, revenue forecasting, portfolio management and internal channel optimization for SquareTwo Financial and its operating subsidiaries.

Prior to joining SquareTwo, Groom held several management positions in the Risk Department at HSBC Card Services. While at HSBC, Groom handled delinquency strategy development, forecasting, offshore dialing strategy, global risk management consulting and resource optimization. He also has managed analytics departments that supported fraud and customer care.

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