Firms that employ the ECRAA (Energy Commodity Risk Aggregation and Analytics) approach via SAS Energy Risk Solutions are reaping rewards in a turbulent market by becoming more proactive risk managers:

Utilities. A large US utility faced threats to its revenue and growth from a range of risks: market, credit commodity, regulatory, operational safety and environmental -- even reputational. It needed to simulate potential future exposures, quantify risk factors and respond with proactive management. How could it accurately measure, rate and prioritize these risks to manage and mitigate its exposure to a multiplicity of market forces?

Oil & Gas. An oil and gas giant with a global book sought an enterprise-wide view of risk, while allowing for regional differences in gas markets around the world. It needed to aggregate data from across its global operations and run the necessary analytics and reports independent of the operation of its local systems. How could it run data aggregation, end-of-day reports and risk reports globally without disrupting regional business activities in other time zones where markets were still open?

End-users. A major global manufacturing corporation uses Oracle EBS for all its accounting and general ledger activities, and it serves as the firm's database of record for static data (counterparties, contacts, etc.). It needed to continue its current corporate processes for maintaining enterprise-wide data, as well as reduce the potential for duplicate entry and errors. How could it transfer that data directly into and out of its trading platform but only update the data in EBS?

For each of these very different clients, the answer was the same: ECRAA via SAS Energy Risk Solutions. To find out how these companies achieved their mission-critical goals, email us today at

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