Andoret Venter
Senior Solutions Manager - SAS Institute, South Africa

Andoret is a Solutions Manager at SAS with one of her primary focuses being Data Management and by implication Master Data Management. 

She started her career in the business intelligence community developing an understanding of the collection, dissemination and presentation of information, which has in turn become an integral part of her 16-year career. In this time she has had extensive exposure to data warehouse development and the implementation of customer intelligence solution in various industries in the public, parastatal and commercial sectors.

Her experience has provided a backdrop of the importance of data governance and more importantly, catching the problem before it hurts. She has built up considerable experience and knowledge about business issues related to data quality and data governance and is passionate about developing the SAS data integrity practice through various methodologies, technologies and techniques.

Craig Stephens
Solutions Manager: Information Management - SAS Institute, South Africa  

Craig Stephens has 19 years' experience in the South African information technology industry with particular reference to business intelligence and data expertise, and currently holds the position of Solutions Manager: Information Management at SAS South Africa.

As well as being TOGAF certified, Craig is able to deliver keen insights on business intelligence, his role in enterprise, the effective administration of a business intelligence solution, data warehouse methodologies, data warehouse administration, data quality, ETL/ELT tools and the benefits the effective use of them can deliver into your company.  In addition Craig is well versed in a variety of databases and is able to provide valuable insights into how these dovetail with your business analytics solution of choice.

Craig currently supports a diverse portfolio of clients at SAS with particular specialties in and around the communications and financial sector.

Bruce Bond-Myatt
Business Advisory Manager : SAS Middle East Africa, Turkey & Pakistan

Bruce Bond-Myatt looks after Business Advisory for the Middle East Africa (MEA) region and is part of a team that assists with building of customer business cases, calculation of ROI and well as customer advocacy. He brings to the table over 25 years of IT experience focusing on Data Warehousing, BI and Analytics.

Having been with SAS for over 10 years, Bruce has worked in project management for various large scale SAS deployments, a number of Customer Intelligence solutions, Solution Architecture, as well fulfilling the role of Technical Account Manager for strategic customers within SAS.

Bruce works with the Sales team to support understanding customer needs, formulating the most optimal mix of SAS technology / solutions to offer the customer and helps drive out benefits and value of the SAS solutions within the customer's business context. He had a long association with the SAS Customer Intelligence solutions.

Rene van der Laan
Director Business Advisory, Centre of Excellence: Integrated Marketing Management SAS

Rene van der Laan started his career in enterprise software about 17 years ago. Before he started working as a consultant in the software business, Rene was an end-user of analytical solutions and financial management software in his role as financial controller. From this role he made the transition to software vendor Hyperion. After that he worked for CRM and marketing software vendors E.piphany and Unica. His love for analytics, or better the lack of analytical capabilities of the other solutions, drove him into the arms of SAS, where he supports strategic, international accounts with his expertise and passion for the Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solutions from SAS.
Andre Zitzke
Solutions Manager: Risk - SAS Institute, South Africa  

André Zitzke is SAS Institute South Africa's Practice Lead for its Risk Solutions and has worked at the company for over a decade. During his tenure at SAS, André has been responsible for various SAS offerings including computer performance management, ETLq, business intelligence, customer intelligence and e-intelligence.

He also spent some time in SAS Institute South Africa's Professional Services division. As solutions specialist, André's role includes product management and sales support in the areas of risk, fraud and anti-money laundering. He is also recognised as a thought-leader in these fields.

André has a BSc Honours in Mathematical Statistics.

Zola Mtyobile
TSU Consultant: Customer Support - SAS Institute, South Africa

Zola Mtyobile is an experienced Technical and Customer Support Specialist whose career has developed from first level support in local environment to fourth level support of international customers, utilizing proprietary software on diverse operating platforms.

He has a strong service orientation and the ability to provide detailed information continuously in a steady pattern. Committed to both accuracy and high standards of work and of great value in situations where the problem demands deliberate and logical approach to the solution.

Zola is currently working at SAS Institute as a Senior Technical Support Specialist. .

Nathalie Ing
Solutions Manager: Integrated Marketing Management - SAS Institute, South Africa

Nathalie Ing is the Solutions Manager: Intergrated Marketing Management at SAS Institute South Africa and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, and a breadth in understanding of the direct and indirect market industry, as well as the role of analytics and customer intelligence in business.

Having been with SAS for over a decade, Nathalie was formerly the strategic partner manager and reseller channel manager. She has also worked in Australia, the UK and boasts a series of qualifications within marketing and communications including an IMM Master Diploma in Marketing Management.  Prior to joining SAS she served tenures at US based PracticingSmarter, Piedmont Bioregioal Institute, and USKO now Bytes Technology Group, as well as British Telecom, FirstNet and Delta Motor Corporation amongst others.

Nathalie works with customer teams to understand what business needs from marketing and then assists clients in building sustainable marketing models that support a closed loop marketing framework.

Antionette Van Zyl 
Senior Solution Manager: Data Management & Data Quality - SAS Institute, South Africa

Antionette van Zyl has extensive knowledge in Data Quality and Data Integration and her working experience in the financial sector has given her various opportunities to show case her aptitude in developing a strategic MIS board report for the Absa Group Executive team using SAS technologies.  In the 9 years of working in this environment Antionette has gained significant practical and market experience in the Information Management world and all the aspects thereof.

In her role she established a Data Quality function for the entire bank and in so doing received a bronze management award for her work.  Other responsibilities were the establishment of a Risk and Information Security function within the bank, where she worked closely with the Data Warehouse and their integration technologies as well as the Information Architects and other information providers to the business.

Musa Moloto
Technical Trainer, SAS

Musa Moloto is an accomplished trainer and instructor who has delivered over 40 months of technical training in most of our SAS products.
His profound impact in SAS Education training has gotten him well recognized and known by most of our clients from all different sectors who have been trained by him.
A unique combination of his technical ability in both writing and speaking, coupled with his passion to teach and pass on the information he has learned, has made him one of the most sought after trainers we have.

Themba Ndzovela
Senior Consultant,   SAS Institute

Themba is a senior implementation consultant, he joined SAS SA in 2007 as an intern and got certified as a SAS 9 base programmer in the same year. He has provided a number of consulting services in Government, parastatals, and the commercial sector mostly in the data management space.  He has extensive knowledge in data integration, data management and data warehousing. Themba recently ventured into the SAS fraud framework solutions.

Marco Da Silva
Technical Architect , SAS South Africa

Whilst completing his MCSD, Marco started his career in the Telecommunication industry in 2000 as a Consumer operations manager. After completing his studies, he moved into the IT industry within the banking sector specializing in Mid-Tier e.g.: java.

Marco joined SAS in 2005 responsible for the architecture and implementation of the Enterprise Intelligence Platform and associated solutions for SAS Middle East and Africa (MEA) Clients, including the development and dissemination of best practice in the field.   Marco also assists the education department with Developed SAS Training material to ready consultants, quality partners and others for Enterprise Implementations.

Marco is currently completing the management development course (PMD) through GIBS which will come to completion in November 2012.