SAS Education, SA invites Customers to adopt our Green Initiative

SAS is a proud champion of continuous global efforts to grow and maintain successful business without sacrificing our planet's natural resources. Environmental Sustainability is everybody's responsibility and SAS is in a position to be a positive role model both in policy and in practice.
SAS Education, South Africa is committed towards prudent use, conservation and preservation of our natural resources and we believe that encouraging one another to be aware of our consumption habits at home and at work can make a difference.

How can you help?

  1. Access our award-winning SAS e-Learning from the comfort of your own home and affectively reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating paper-based course notes and CO2 emissions. SAS e-Learning courses offer classroom-equivalent, 24/7, self-paced learning and our customers benefit tangibly from reduced course fees, savings in travel costs and time away from the office.

  2. As an alternative to printed paper-based course manuals, SAS is offering our classroom-based learners an option of receiving a USB flash drive containing an electronic copy of the course notes. The electronic course notes may be retained by the SAS learners, who are welcome to access the course notes from their own portable tablet devices during class or on SAS's machines, which are equipped with wide-screen displays.

For more information, please visit our SAS South Africa, Green Initiative or SAS Global Corporate Responsibility websites.