Paul Kent
Vice President of Platform Research and Development - SAS, USA

Vice President of Platform R&D at SAS leads the teams responsible for many SAS foundation technologies – Base SAS and related data access, management, and presentation software. Paul joined SAS in 1984 as a Technical Marketing Representative and eventually moved into the Research and Development division. He has used SAS for more than 25 years and has contributed to the development of SAS software components including PROC SQL, the WHERE clause, TCP/IP connectivity, and portions of the Output Delivery System (ODS). A strong customer advocate, Paul is widely recognized within the SAS community for his active participation in local and international user conferences.

Riad Gydien
Vice President, SAS Institute Middle East Africa, Turkey & Pakistan

Riad Gydien is currently the Vice President Middle East, Africa for SAS Institute.  He is a member of the SAS EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and SAS AP (Asia Pacific) Board.

As the regional leader he focuses on co-ordinating and developing the team as a collective unit despite the size and the diversity of the geography.  With staff located in Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon, Karachi, Kenya, Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa and Turkey and with customers in virtually all countries of the geography, a keen will to understand the diversity of cultures in these markets combined with a passion for emerging markets has proven to be integral to the success and interaction in the region.

Gydien has spent most of his career working within the Business Analytics industry, and has extensive knowledge of how analytics can improve the operations of a business.

Desan Naidoo
Sales Operations Director and Customer Advocacy, SAS, Middle East Africa, Turkey & Pakistan

Desan Naidoo is currently Director of Sales Operations and Customer Advocacy for the Middle East and Africa Region for SAS Institute charged with managing operational efficiency and reporting together with defining strategies to protect the existing customer base and to ensure overall customer satisfaction. He joined SAS as General Manager of Public Sector for South Africa in 2008 and was promoted to Operations Director for South Africa in 2011 and later promoted to his current role.  Desan has spent all of his career working within the Information Technology industry and has held previous roles of Sales Director of Novell South Africa and Senior Systems Analyst at Eskom.

Steven Snyman
Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche  

Steven has been involved in data management and assurance services for 12 years.
He has spent 8 years at Ernst & Young supporting various external and internal audit functions. The latter part of his tenure at Ernst & Young included assisting in developing a data analytics capability to support analysis of SAP R/3 systems where he focused predominantly on the Finance (FI) and Procurement (MM) modules. Steven subsequently joined Deloitte SA where he continued his focus on servicing SAP clients and is currently involved on Core Banking Transformation projects. Steven has spent significant time on migration projects throughout his career and is focusing his time in this space for the foreseeable future.
Steven enjoys working on projects with high complexity and risk where data management and verification procedures can be deployed to mitigate risks and provide information to support the decision making processes throughout the project.

Outside of work, Steven spends time in South Africa's outdoors enjoying open water swimming, mountain biking, 4*4ing, and braaing with family and friends. He takes the opportunity to spend time in nature enjoying Southern Africa's natural heritage.
Stafford Masie

Stafford Masie
Angel Investor and Serial Entrepreneur

Stafford has been in the IT industry for more than 18 years and has assumed numerous roles throughout his career. After completing his tertiary computer science studies in Israel in the early 90's, he returned to South Africa and worked for Telkom, and Dimension Data. After running a software engineering and services startup with two other founders he joined Novell Inc.

He spent over 6 years in the USA where he played a significant role in the open source software arena and he has been responsible for global partnerships and corporate technology strategy for numerous international territories including: Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela), the Middle East, Sub Saharan Africa and Southern Europe.

Upon returning back in 2003, Stafford assumed the role of country manager for Novell South Africa and thereafter developed and established the Google SA presence.

For the past two years Stafford has been an angel investor and self-confessed serial entrepreneur. He has launched several leading-edge technology startups and is nationally recognised as a disruptive strategist and tech futurist, while flying microlights and single prop aircraft, scuba diving and snow skiing when time allows.

Andoret Venter
Senior Solutions Manager - SAS Institute, South Africa

Andoret is a Solutions Manager at SAS with one of her primary focuses being Data Management and by implication Master Data Management. 

She started her career in the business intelligence community developing an understanding of the collection, dissemination and presentation of information, which has in turn become an integral part of her 16-year career. In this time she has had extensive exposure to data warehouse development and the implementation of customer intelligence solution in various industries in the public, parastatal and commercial sectors.

Her experience has provided a backdrop of the importance of data governance and more importantly, catching the problem before it hurts. She has built up considerable experience and knowledge about business issues related to data quality and data governance and is passionate about developing the SAS data integrity practice through various methodologies, technologies and techniques.

Andre Zitzke
Solutions Manager: Risk - SAS Institute, South Africa  

André Zitzke is SAS Institute South Africa's Practice Lead for its Risk Solutions and has worked at the company for over a decade. During his tenure at SAS, André has been responsible for various SAS offerings including computer performance management, ETLq, business intelligence, customer intelligence and e-intelligence.

He also spent some time in SAS Institute South Africa's Professional Services division. As solutions specialist, André's role includes product management and sales support in the areas of risk, fraud and anti-money laundering. He is also recognised as a thought-leader in these fields.

André has a BSc Honours in Mathematical Statistics.

Andreas Heiz 
Integrated Marketing Management, SAS Institute Regional Director, Middle East & Africa

Andreas is currently the Customer Intelligence lead for the Middle East and Africa region, at the leader in business analytics, SAS Institute. He is a distinguished professional in the IT and Customer Relationship Management field and brings with him more than 10 years' experience in creating and executing strategies for customer centric environments.

With an excellent track record in building and managing motivated teams of professionals across the globe in retail and wholesale organisations, he has extensive knowledge in international project management, management of international and remote teams, customer relationship management, customer experience management, decision management, real time marketing, next best action, analytical customer relationship management, database marketing, predictive analytics, data mining, product management, business consulting, marketing consulting and sales.

Antionette Van Zyl 
Senior Solution Manager: Data Management & Data Quality - SAS Institute, South Africa

Antionette van Zyl has extensive knowledge in Data Quality and Data Integration and her working experience in the financial sector has given her various opportunities to show case her aptitude in developing a strategic MIS board report for the Absa Group Executive team using SAS technologies.  In the 9 years of working in this environment Antionette has gained significant practical and market experience in the Information Management world and all the aspects thereof.

In her role she established a Data Quality function for the entire bank and in so doing received a bronze management award for her work.  Other responsibilities were the establishment of a Risk and Information Security function within the bank, where she worked closely with the Data Warehouse and their integration technologies as well as the Information Architects and other information providers to the business.


Colin Hill 
Senior Solutions Manager: Risk Management & Financial Crimes - SAS Institute, South Africa

Colin Hill has over 25 years knowledge and experience in the Risk management environment in the financial sector.  He was instrumental in starting various projects within Absa Internal Audit using SAS.  Colin received numerous awards and was the first to start using data in assisting with the auditing of credit which later evolved as part of the companies accepted process using SAS. 

Since joining SAS he is very involved in the marketing, implementation and development of the Operational Risk and GRC product, which includes the Internal Audit and Policy Management capability.  He forms part of the knowledge team for GRC and provides input to R&D into future strategy and development of the product.  His other responsibilities are the marketing and go to market of the SAS Financial Crimes capability.

Craig Stephens
Solutions Manager: Information Management - SAS Institute, South Africa  

Craig Stephens has 19 years' experience in the South African information technology industry with particular reference to business intelligence and data expertise, and currently holds the position of Solutions Manager: Information Management at SAS South Africa.

As well as being TOGAF certified, Craig is able to deliver keen insights on business intelligence, his role in enterprise, the effective administration of a business intelligence solution, data warehouse methodologies, data warehouse administration, data quality, ETL/ELT tools and the benefits the effective use of them can deliver into your company.  In addition Craig is well versed in a variety of databases and is able to provide valuable insights into how these dovetail with your business analytics solution of choice.

Craig currently supports a diverse portfolio of clients at SAS with particular specialties in and around the communications and financial sector.

Klaus Kristensen
Head of Risk Practice, SAS Institute, Middle East, Africa, Turkey & Pakistan

Klaus Kristensen is Head of Risk Practice, SAS, Middle East Africa for Turkey & Pakistan and has 10+ years' experience in the areas of risk analytics, credit policy & risk management.

He also performs leadership and support roles in the areas of Basel II, portfolio analysis, quantitative & qualitative analysis.

His area of expertise lies in Risk Management, Project Management, People Management, Basel II, Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP)

Machiel Kruger
Head: SAS Laboratory, Centre for Business Mathematics & Informatics - North-West University

Machiel has three years experience as a civil engineer and has taught civil engineering and mathematical subjects for seven years.

In June 2000 he was appointed as the Head of the SAS Laboratory (sponsored by SAS Institute) in the Centre for Business Mathematics and Informatics at North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus. He is currently teaching Financial Engineering and Quantitative Risk Management to M.Sc. students.

Machiel's research interests include: portfolio optimisation (including transaction costs); the application of Stochastic Programming to the integrated asset and liability management of investment products with guarantees; yield curve estimation and simulation; arbitrage-free scenario generation for integrated risk management; modelling of default probability for low default portfolios; and balance sheet simulation and optimisation.

Mandie Herzfeld
Solutions Manger: Integrated Marketing Management - SAS Institute, South Africa  

Mandie Herzfeld is a Solution Manager for Integrated Marketing Management at SAS Institute South Africa, focusing directly on above and below the line marketing in the direct and indirect marketing industry, as well as the role of analytics and customer intelligence in business.

Ali Rodolo
Managing Director, Kakanyo Business Solutions   

Ali is currently the Managing Director and founder of Kakanyo Business Solutions, an IT consulting company focusing on Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Office Automation and Management consulting. His work experience spans over 15 years in the ICT industry and he has worked for various corporations including public sector institutions. Kakanyo Business Solutions boasts blue chip clients like MTN, FNB, ABSA, Dept. Social Development, State Security Agency, Gauteng Dept. Basic Education, etc.

Nathalie Ing
Solutions Manager: Integrated Marketing Management - SAS Institute, South Africa

Nathalie Ing is the Solutions Manager: Intergrated Marketing Management at SAS Institute South Africa and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, and a breadth in understanding of the direct and indirect market industry, as well as the role of analytics and customer intelligence in business.

Having been with SAS for over a decade, Nathalie was formerly the strategic partner manager and reseller channel manager. She has also worked in Australia, the UK and boasts a series of qualifications within marketing and communications including an IMM Master Diploma in Marketing Management.  Prior to joining SAS she served tenures at US based PracticingSmarter, Piedmont Bioregioal Institute, and USKO now Bytes Technology Group, as well as British Telecom, FirstNet and Delta Motor Corporation amongst others.

Nathalie works with customer teams to understand what business needs from marketing and then assists clients in building sustainable marketing models that support a closed loop marketing framework.

Bruce Bond-Myatt
Business Advisory Manager : SAS Middle East Africa, Turkey & Pakistan

Bruce Bond-Myatt looks after Business Advisory for the Middle East Africa (MEA) region and is part of a team that assists with building of customer business cases, calculation of ROI and well as customer advocacy. He brings to the table over 25 years of IT experience focusing on Data Warehousing, BI and Analytics.

Having been with SAS for over 10 years, Bruce has worked in project management for various large scale SAS deployments, a number of Customer Intelligence solutions, Solution Architecture, as well fulfilling the role of Technical Account Manager for strategic customers within SAS.

Bruce works with the Sales team to support understanding customer needs, formulating the most optimal mix of SAS technology / solutions to offer the customer and helps drive out benefits and value of the SAS solutions within the customer's business context. He had a long association with the SAS Customer Intelligence solutions.

Ryan Schefermann
Senior Manager: Risk Advisory, Deloite & Touche

Ryan studied Electrical & Information Engineering at Wits and entered a career in software development and system engineering. Ryan's initial few years were spent in the development of software eco systems which spanned mobile, internet and data technologies. Ryan next moved into a small ERP consultancy and spent a number of years configuring and customising ERP solutions.

Ryan's ERP implementations provided him with a great foundation of business understanding – an ideal platform to launch his career into analytics. Ryan's role at Deloitte Analytics is to lead the Advanced Analytics team. This role requires the ability to extract deep insights hidden within data and use the insights to solve strategic and operational business problems.

Whilst at Deloitte, the projects Ryan has led have typically been bespoke data solutions in siloed, poor-quality data environments requiring the development of technical simulations and customer insights solutions. Ryan's projects have been focused on generating deep customer insight platforms to enhance "go-to-market" tactics, improve micro-strategies and below the line marketing and drive cross/up-sell within organisations. Key clients have included major African banks and mobile operators.

Koketso Moeng,
Specialist: DBA, Statistics South Africa

Koketso Moeng is a Specialist Database Administrator at Statistics South Africa. For the past 5 years, amongst other things, he has been accountable for the SAS Analytics platform.

Koketso has experience programming in various languages, database administration and managing a custom enterprise solution for a multi-national.

Jeremiah Mtimunye
Solutions Manager: Risk Practice, SAS, Middle-East Africa and Turkey

Jeremiah Ayanda Mtimunye is currently a Solution Manager at SAS Institute, focusing on Performance Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, and has worked in IT consulting environment for 6 years, specializing in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence and Strategy Management.

He received specialized training in Balanced Scorecard, Results-Based Management and Project Management and Activity-Based Costing and previously worked for Standard Bank and Oracle Corporation. He holds a BSc Computer Science and BCom Informatics Honours degree.

Jacobus Bronn
Solutions Manager: Data Management , SAS

Kobus Brönn is currently one of two Principal Pre Sales Engineers in the Data Management space for the Middle East Africa region and his responsibilities cover all Data Management activities from Big Data through to Master Data Management.

Kobus has held various positions in SAS and was previously a Principal Consultant with the Professional Services Department where his primary responsibilities included Data and Solutions Architecture. Over 7 years ago, Kobus joined SAS from the Financial Services sector as Data Analytics Manager.
His experience in the Data Management space spans 15 years and at present he is finalizing his MBA.