The pressure is on. Globalised competition, data overload, and more stringent risk and compliance requirements have put most businesses to the test. Many are turning to analytics to gain insight and enhance performance. Weaving analytics into the organisational fabric can position your business for strategic, competitive, and cost advantages-an edge you need to thrive under pressure. The Deloitte response to providing this edge for our clients is Deloitte Analytics.

Deloitte Analytics is one of the featured services of Deloitte, which is the brand under which 200,000 professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services to selected clients. Deloitte, one of Africa's leading professional services firms provides these services through nearly 3 800 people in 9 offices in South Africa and 17 cities in Southern Africa.

Deloitte Analytics provides a comprehensive approach to providing analytics related services that are fuelled by deep industry knowledge, broad functional experience, and mastery of technology. This approach involves collaborating with our clients to help them understand which questions matter most to their business and to subsequently helping them answer these questions.
Deloitte Analytics is focused on using data to drive business strategy and performance.  It includes a range of approaches and solutions from looking backward to evaluate what happened in the past to forward-looking scenario planning and predictive modelling. It spans all of Deloitte’s functional businesses to address a continuum of opportunities in Information Management, Performance Optimisation, and Analytic Insights. By understanding decision-makers' roles to maximise analytics value, Deloitte turns everyday data into useful and actionable insights.