Deliver data you can trust

Data Management is top of the agenda following last year's global regulatory principles (BCBS 239) and locally with APRA's release of CPG 235 – Managing Data Risk. APRA aims to support regulated entities across banking, insurance and superannuation as our institutions address areas where APRA continues to identify industry-wide weaknesses.

Your data needs discipline. Bad data isn't just annoying – it damages your organisation. You can't base decisions on bad information. SAS Data Management for Risk helps you analyse, improve and control data in one platform. The result?:

  • Better risk management that lowers regulatory costs
  • Better business decisions that improve business performance

Join me for this presentation and product demonstration where we will show you how SAS Data Management for Risk has helped leading financial institutions improve their data management capabilities to achieve an integrated view of risk and build confidence in risk reporting among senior decision makers and their regulators.