Solvency II seminar

The uncertainty around Solvency II and the nearby implementation of the Interim Measures makes the topic around future regulation of the insurance market hotter than ever. SAS Institute, a leading provider of Solvency II solutions, hereby invites you to a seminar day with prof. Karel Van Hulle, delegates from leading insurance firms, the Swedish FSA and advisors.

A long term strategy for Solvency II is needed to be successful and the Interim measures give the insurance companies a unique opportunity to prepare and build a solid foundation. Taking a long term perspective allows you build regulatory compliance and a robust risk management framework that can be used to analyze products, costs, customer's segmentation and risk in one uniform environment

We are proud to announce our key note speaker prof. Karel Van Hulle, who will give his thoughts and views on the latest developments around Solvency II. 


During the day we will also get an update from the Swedish FSA about the future regulations of the Swedish insurance industry.

Leading representatives from the industry will discuss lessons learned so far, what value their Solvency II projects have been bringing back to the business, their plan forward and why they chose SAS as a software provider.