SAS® Readmission Analytics

Proactively manage quality and outcomes to prevent readmission.

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Readmission accelerates costs and dilutes both safety and quality

Approximately every eighth patient (and even every sixth of elderly patients) are being readmitted to Nordic hospitals within 30 days. The causes behind readmission are quite complex, but it is believed that poor quality, shortcomings in quality assurance, early discharges, and lack of supervision are among the major causes.

Too early discharges or insufficient follow-up can create uncertainty and deterioration of the patient's state. The patient may experience this as poor quality of treatment. From the owner or management perspective, the picture is also quite grim as readmissions cause more adverse events and burden taxpayers disproportionately.

Assessment of risk: Reduce the number of readmissions 

SAS has developed a solution framework that helps health care providers prevent readmissions. At the time of admission and immediately before discharging the patient, the solution performs an assessment of the individual patient's risk of readmission, which will help staff initiate the proper actions to avoid it.

The solution provides all needed capabilities to effectively capture and manage data, to manage the analysis model for readmission, and to design and build ‘business rules’ for clinical decision support. 

Using SAS Readmission Analytics, the health care providers can:

  • Understand the risks of readmission at patient level
  • Prioritize resources (e.g., follow-up visits) to the patient groups at highest risk
  • Explore the factors behind high readmission levels and proactively manage care delivery to reduce them



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