A journey: Better health care and improved efficiency

Health care providers in the Nordic region are working hard to improve the quality of treatment while lowering costs. Huge amounts of data are generated and collected, and governments encourage data sharing and digitalization to improve results.

How can analytics help this process? An important step is information management, the fundamental work that ensures data quality and intelligent structures around data sharing. Analytics software can then crunch through all relevant data sources and use statistical methods to reveal hidden insights. 
These analysis results provide a valuable, fact-based input for:  

  • Efficiency and cost -effectiveness
  • Quality and patient safety




Tailored solutions for Nordic health care providers

In the Nordic region we are at the moment working with 40% of the health care providers and payer organizations. Many of them already take advantage of SAS® for improved budgeting, planning and management information. When it comes to analysis of clinical data, and the combination of clinical and administrative results, we are only beginning to see and utilize the potential. 

We have concentrated our knowledge in a Nordic Center of Excellence for Health Care to be able to provide the best service. We draw on our international experience, but we also tailor solutions for regional needs. The results so far are promising. 

Feel free to contact the team or browse the solution pages and case stories below for inspiration.

Precise diagnostic codes in the EMR 

Validate codes in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) automatically for improved reporting and patient safety.
SAS® Automated Diagnostic Coding 

Improved overview of adverse events

Hospital staff can improve patient safety by automatically identifying all potential adverse events.   
SAS® Automated Trigger Analytics

Patient privacy around the EMR

Analytics helps IT and data management staffs comply with legal demands by automatically identifying all potential unauthorized access to patient files.
SAS® Pattern Recognition

Efficiency through preventive care

Government organizations and hospitals can use analytics to identify the optimal segments for preventive care initiatives.
SAS® Health and Condition Management













More SAS® Software for healthcare  


Information management
Make sure you can base your decisions on correct and consistent data. Build structures for data governance, meta data and data quality.
SAS® Data Management
SAS® Data Quality 


User friendly data visualization  
Let managers and specialists explore large amonunts of healthcare data on their iPad without help from statisticians or it.
SAS® Visual Analytics

  Management systems
Use SAS for performance monitoring, management information and efficient economic planning and budgeting.  
SAS® Performance Management
SAS® Healthcare Cost Analysis