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Patient privacy and patient safety. Meet legal demands, while still allowing staff the needed access to patient files.

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Information security: The right level of access

The patient file is the central source of information at the hospital. To protect patient privacy, legislation states that it can be accessed for therapeutic purposes only.

The goal for the hospital is simple: To achieve the right level of information security around the patient file to meet legal demands, while still allowing staff to provide the best possible treatment. The problem is that manual control sampling requires many resources and still does not leave the hospital with the ability to meet these demands.




Automated log analysis: The first step towards compliance 

The first step towards compliance is a higher level of insight. Using SAS Pattern Recognition, you make use of well-known statistical and mathematical principles to analyze the combination of log files, patient records, and employee data. The system takes the hospital's provision on handling patient files into account and applies it to all clinical, administrative, and technical data bases. Using this method, you can:

  • Automatically identify potential improper and unauthorized access to patient files
  • Gain a solid foundation that helps you meet legal demands
  • Avoid manual samples for control of privacy 




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