Health and Condition Management

Proactive care towards targeted segments at highest risk

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Prevent hospitalizations and readmissions

Growing and aging populations put the healthcare system under pressure. Consequently, it becomes even more important to spend the scarce resources in healthcare where they will yield most value.

For some patients, hospitalizations and readmissions can be prevented through more intense follow-up, because complications are treated before they become serious. An early phone call, an extra check-up with the family doctor, or an extra visit from homecare can be the differentiating factor.

The question is where to put the efforts, and here SAS analytics can provide valuable insights.

Advanced analytics: Target your initiatives for the groups at highest risk 

SAS® Health and Condition Management helps you target preventive health care initiatives to the groups of patients who need them the most. The system is applicable on all clinical, administrative, and technical databases. Through advanced analytics, the software identifies citizens at high risk of for example:

  • (Re)admissions
  • Long sickness leave
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Low medication adherence





The healthcare sector in the US has been an early adopter of this technology, and the results are convincing (see case stories below). As data sources become more accessible, government organizations and municipalities in the Nordic region can begin to take advantage of analytics for more efficient, proactive health care initiatives.

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