SAS® Automated Trigger Analytics

Investigate and prevent adverse events for improved patient safety. SAS Automated Trigger Analytics provides the foundation for improvements by identifying markers for possible adverse events.

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Is the hospital a safe place for patients?

Not always, unfortunately. Errors and adverse events that can lead to serious patient injuries occur during treatment. Health care providers try to prevent the episodes from happening, but the lack of resources and proper registrations makes it hard. 

Today's methods to detect health care-related injuries are simply not good enough, as it is estimated that reporting detects only 10-20% of the events. 




Trigger analytics: The method you have been missing 

Using analytics, you can screen all patient-centric documentation (EMR's, etc.) for possible harm or adverse events automatically. When the markers are identified, you can easily access this information through reports.

It is cost-effective compared to manual chart reviews and is done for all care episodes – not just a fraction.




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