SAS Automated Diagnostic Coding

Why automate? To be more efficient. To reduce errors. To improve quality and  patient safety.

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Efficiency: The patient medical record is key

So many processes and results depend on the electronic medical record. Validation of information and the right coding steal manpower away from patient care, and errors can ultimately be fatal. Imagine for one moment that the validation was done automatically - in all medical records and not just a sample. And as part of the normal workflow.

Using SAS Automated Diagnostic Coding you can match content in patient medical records with diagnoses coded in the registry. Hospitals in Denmark, Norway and Sweden are beginning to take advantage of this method.


Quality: Improve diagnostic coding through technology 

The solution builds on advanced and robust text analytics that applies to all databases. When using this method, you ensure correct ICD-10 coding and the report represents a clinically correct registration.

You improve data quality and validity, and at the same time it is more time efficient than a manual audit.



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