GLOBE TELECOM is one of the leading telecommunication providers in the Philippines. Our mission is to transform and enrich lives through communications by way of our vision of making great things possible.

For more than eight decades, Globe has proven its solid corporate reputation among its stakeholders as it continues to evolve, innovate and serve its customers.  Its strong affiliation with the SingTel Group and the Ayala Group of Companies has put its name in the roster of the country’s most respected companies.  As a company that highly values good governance and social accountability, Globe is a consistent recipient of local and international awards.

Its affiliation with global partners allows employees to acquire international exposure, as well as be part of cross-company postings to any of the 18 countries under the SingTel Network.  Being with Globe opens you to a world of international learning opportunities that will let you grow personally and professionally.

Our Values focus on our CUSTOMERS being the core of everything we do.

We put our Customers first.
Our people make the difference.
We act with integrity.
We care like an owner.
We keep things simple.
To us, it's be fast or be last.
I love Globe. Together, we make great things possible.



Dell listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. The company's broad portfolio of end-to-end IT solutions—desktops, notebooks, servers, storage, security, networking, mobility solutions, software and peripherals, cloud applications and IT services—support millions of customers in 180 countries around the globe, including 95 percent of global Fortune 500 companies, governments, educators, healthcare organizations, consumers and more than 10 million small-medium businesses. With more than 103,000 team members, 75,000 channel partners and 60,000 retail locations around the world, and total revenues exceeding US$60 billion, Dell today is a global leader in delivering customer-centric technology solutions for businesses and consumers. Today, Dell engages in 2 billion customer conversations each year — on the phone, in person, on and, increasingly, through social media.

Dell exists to provide inspired IT solutions that work harder for all our customers, giving every person, business and organization the tools they need to grow and thrive in the ways most important to them.
•      Our Goal: Our people leverage technology to enable our customers’ success.  We recognize that when our customers succeed, we succeed. We’re able to deliver these differentiated customer benefits because of our heritage – our direct model gave us the benefit of closer relationships with customers than any of our rivals, our approach has always been based on finding ways to leverage technology to enable our customers’ success.
•      Our Approach: We deliver collaboratively developed standards-based technology: At a time when competitors are producing increasingly proprietary products, we combine leading technology hardware, software and services – our own and those created by and with partners – to deliver customers open, high-performing, high-value solutions. We’ve relied on standardization, simplification and automation to deliver greater efficiency, reliability and performance. And today, we offer a full gamut of end-to-end IT offerings: mobility, servers, storage, networking, software, cloud applications, services.
•      Our Solutions: Our innovative and practical approach, with solutions that are designed to scale, distinguishes us.  Our competitors have a vested interest in legacy, closed, proprietary systems that charge a premium and offer compromised performance. Our customers achieve unprecedented efficiencies through technology without compromising performance because that’s been our promise from the beginning of Dell … one that we’ve continued to carry with us as our company has grown, diversified and entered in complex, new areas.
•      Our Values:  We are open, optimistic and resourceful in all we do. From creating leading technology products and services and running our business, to empowering youth, enabling entrepreneurship and minimizing the environmental impact of IT.

Through the years, BPI has been a beacon of financial confidence. Its strong heritage in responsible banking is evidenced by the many accolades the Bank has gained both from industry experts and ordinary customers.

Now, at a time of extreme consumerism, there's a heightened call for financial responsibility. Now more than ever, how people manage their money is more important than how much of it they have.

BPI finds itself in the strongest position to heed this call. Its products and services are tailored to help people maximize what they have to afford the life they want—from the young family who wants to build their own home, to the taxi driver who wants to own the car he drives, to the overseas worker who wants to come home for good.

Different people have different dreams, hopes, and aspirations but BPI works to make a better life more reachable for everyone. BPI pursues this mission guided by the belief that the life we want does not depend on what we have. It's what we do with what we have.