Data Analytics - The POWER Businesses Need

Data analytics is here! It's of utmost importance for businesses of all types and sizes to understand the extent and value of its power, and how it helps address the ever-changing business challenges and requirements in today's competitive environment. Harnessing the power of data analytics empowers management to gain valuable insights into enhancing business efficiency, productivity and performance for new growth opportunities and a better customer experience. Now, you have the power to know!

Join us for the SAS Hong Kong Forum 2014 on April 15 (Tuesday) at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and learn how SAS provides organizations with the power – and the confidence – to make better strategic, operational and tactical decisions, and take action faster.

At this one-day forum, you will hear from seasoned SAS analytics experts and from business and technology leaders, how organizations are embracing business analytics and data visualization innovations to create value from data assets. More than one hundred director-level and above attendees will explore leadership, analytics and Big Data at the forum.

Make plans now to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to make connections, share ideas and be inspired.

You will have a chance to win our exciting prizes by a lucky draw!


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