When will my e-Learning expire?
The e-Learning expiration date is tied to the software renewal date. When the software is renewed, the e-Learning is automatically renewed.

Can I share the access code with students in several classes?
The access code is designed to provide easy access to each professor and student at a university licensing the appropriate SAS software. You may share the code with any student or professor at the university.

Can I post the code on our software distribution Web page?
If this Web page is accessible only to people associated with the university, we would encourage you to post your access code and access instructions for your users.

I am a student and want to learn SAS, but it isn't taught in any of my classes. Can I still use the e-Learning?
Yes! The e-Learning is self-paced, so you can move through the exercises and learn on your own. You will need access to SAS software to successfully use the e-Learning.

Can I download the e-Learning to my laptop?
No, the e-Learning is a Web-based application.

I want to become SAS certified. Can e-Learning help me?
Yes! The courses necessary to learn the material on the SAS Certification exam are included in this free program.

Base Certification for SAS®9 – SAS Programming 1: Essentials and SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation

Advanced Certification – SAS Programming 3: Advanced techniques, SAS Macro Language: Essentials and SAS SQL1: Essentials