The Role of Algebra in a 21st Century World – What Does It Mean for Students and Their Teachers?

Algebra and the ways in which we use it continue to evolve. To prepare all students for rigorous, challenging mathematics, we must focus on the development of deep, connected mathematical ideas, especially proportionality, as a bridge to algebra and beyond. What will this require of students and their teachers?


Cathy Seeley

Cathy Seeley

Senior Fellow, Dana Center, The University of Texas at Austin
Former President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Cathy Seeley works on state and national policy and improvement efforts in mathematics education. She recently facilitated the revision of Washington state's K-12 mathematics standards and currently leads the development of a fourth-year math course to follow Algebra II, Advanced Mathematical Decision Making.

Seeley is a veteran mathematics educator and change facilitator with 35 years of experience at the local, state and national levels. During her career, she has been an active participant and spokesperson for the improvement of mathematics education, motivated by a deep commitment to equity for all students.