Leveraging Technology to Drive Government Efficiency
Keynote Presentation: Danny Werfel, Controller, Office of Federal Management

The Obama administration has numerous initiatives underway to drive better government performance. A smarter investment in technology is a central theme in each area. This is especially true in the area for improved fraud detection and the elimination of improper payments. This keynote presentation will identify key steps the administration is taking to explore new technologies to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Taxing Times: The Federal Efficiency Opportunity
Panel: Steve O'Keeffe, MeriTalk
Panelists: Owen F. Barwell, Department of Energy

Agencies are scrambling to identify ways to preserve vital government service levels with ever-tightening funding. Insight and visibility, while essential to improving outcomes, often remain elusive. The Taxing Times: The Federal Efficiency Opportunity disruptive research program surveyed federal financial, operations and performance executives and managers to understand where they are identifying and mining new efficiency opportunities in their agencies. Learn the results of this study and hear from your peers on how this issue is affecting their jobs.

Enabling Data-Driven Outcomes with Analytics
Moderator: The Honorable Linda Combs, Former Controller, US Office of Management and Budget
Panel: The Honorable James Taylor, US Department of Labor; Lisa Casias, US Department of Commerce

Listen to several government leaders share their personal perspectives about current government challenges. A key topic area will be the role of analytics and how we can deliver valid and analysis-ready data and information to support critical decision making in government. The session will be in a question-and-answer format to allow open and candid dialogue.

How to Uncover Fraudulent Activity Hidden in Your Data
Moderator: Stu Bradley, SAS
Panel: Carrie Hug, Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board; Samir Hans, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services; Ken Jones, KPMG

Fraud continues to be a pervasive issue for government with the advent of new technologies and the swelling volume of information to analyze for suspicious activity. How can you improve data accuracy and credibility by integrating information from disparate sources? How can you improve audits and investigations by predicting future risks, uncovering relationships and detecting behavior patterns that may indicate fraud? Listen to a panel of experts depict the latest technologies and techniques available to detect and prevent fraud.

Creating an Analytics-Driven Culture
Presentation: Stacy Blanchard, Accenture

Capital spending is frozen, programs are at risk and agencies are tasked with making tough decisions about budget cuts. Weak analytics capabilities – ranging from data silos, outdated technology and a lack of analytical talent – are preventing organizations from gaining valuable insight that could lead to better outcomes, according to a recent Accenture study. Listen to this presentation to learn how you can successfully apply analytics within your culture to improve organizational results.

Information Overload: Is There an App for That?
Presentation: Bryan Harris, VSTI

With every new day, decision makers are faced with the increasingly difficult task of finding actionable data in an ever-expanding sea of information. In order to survive and thrive in this age of information overload, you must be at the forefront of analytic innovation. This session will explore three key areas: What is the future landscape of analytics on Big Data? What are the implications for your existing IT environment? And what are the technical and organizational strategies for analytic excellence?

Analytics in Action Technology Showcase

Accenture SAS Analytics Group

Learn about a solution designed to address the analytics skill and capability development needs for all levels of an organization – from business leaders who embed analytics into the fiber of an organization to business analysts who execute against an analytic strategy and vision. 

SAS® IT Intelligence

Government IT organizations are transforming IT from simply a service provider to an integral business partner, going beyond managing IT resources to be able to analyze the costs of providing services and to improve efficiencies and user satisfaction. This demonstration will show how SAS IT Intelligence focuses on three key CIO objectives: budget and cost control, shared services and infrastructure.

SAS® Fraud Framework for Government

Heading Off Fraud with Advanced Analytics
The SAS Fraud Framework for Government demonstration is a comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough of fraud and improper payment prevention and detection. Using actual examples from existing SAS Fraud Framework customers, the demonstration will show how SAS uses data integration, rule generation, anomaly detection, predictive modeling and linkage capabilities to combat fraud and other types of improper payments. The demonstration will also offer interaction with viewers to discuss agency-specific issues.

US Census Bureau

The Standard Economic Processing System (StEPS) is the primary software tool used in the Economic Directorate of the Census Bureau to conduct survey processing for current economic surveys. The highlights of this demo, which show the results of the initial proof of concept phase, include a new StEPS interface developed in Java using Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) and a communication layer using Web services to move transactions from client to server and to encapsulate the many already-developed SAS routines within StEPS. This includes SAS 9.2 generated Web services and Web reports.

Accenture Fraud and Compliance Review

Fraud and financial crime accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars taken illegally from businesses, individuals and the government. For more than two decades, Accenture and SAS have helped both government and private sector clients in their efforts to eradicate fraud and financial crime. From the collective experience of more than 100 successful fraud and financial crime projects, this demonstration will show how Accenture and SAS solutions provide significant benefits to government organizations.

SAS® Social Media Analytics

Learn how to act on intelligence gleaned from online conversations occurring across professional and individual-generated media sites. SAS Social Media Analytics allows organizations to advance beyond ad hoc social media interactions by maintaining an archive of conversations necessary for ongoing analysis. This demonstration will cover various benefits, including how to identify advocates of and threats to a particular individual and/or organization; and steps to quantify interpretations of citizen-directed campaigns/messaging via social media activity.

Analytics for Intelligent Workforce Planning

Without the predictive ability to set appropriate workforce transition and training plans, government organizations may be left with a costly gap in available workforce, skills and talent, or an overabundance of the wrong skill sets. The situation is complicated by an aging workforce and resource data that is spread throughout multiple, disparate systems. As a result, agencies and organizations are losing effectiveness due to a suboptimal approach to workforce management. This demonstration will show how SAS helps predict workforce demand and supply, and calculates financial impacts to the program or organization.