What if you could apply analytics faster and easier than ever before, and transform your data into eye-opening insights? It's not out of reach. Find out how by joining us in a city near you.

SAS® experts are hitting the road for workshops and demos focused on applying SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Data Management. Learn how to tackle your toughest data challenges and achieve greater clarity about your organization.

What do these events offer?

These aren't one-sided presentations: They're hands-on and interactive.

  • Put our software through its paces at your individual workstation, using real data and real scenarios.*
  • Speak with SAS experts about how to apply our software to address your business needs and interests.
  • Hear case studies involving real-world applications at other organizations.

What will you learn?

We'll spend the morning session focusing on SAS Visual Analytics. Discover how easy it is to manage complex, massive data sets, and create and share dynamic visuals. Learn about its on-the-fly forecasting, autocharting, "what does it mean?" pop-ups, and drag-and-drop capabilities.

Of course, visualizations are only as good as the data behind them. So in the afternoon, we'll shift the focus to SAS Data Management. Learn how to turn your data into a trusted, critical asset and create an accurate, consistent view of your enterprise.

*Based on the number of attendees, computers may have to be shared.



Notice to Customers Receiving Training, Education, Food, Refreshments or Other Gifts
There may be meals, drinks, entertainment and small gifts provided at this event. Please make sure this is acceptable for your organization. If it is not, let us know, and we can tailor the agenda to your needs. If your organization would allow you to accept these items as long as you pay fair market value for them, you may do so and receive a receipt at www.sas.com/paysas.