Organizations today are faced with a flood of text-based content, a shortage of domain and subject-matter experts and an inability to analyze data in an automated, consistent manner.

Text Analytics is the answer!

As a framework, Text Analytics enables organizations to maximize the value of information within large quantities of text that is generated, acquired or exists in repositories by extracting and interpreting relevant information, in order to reveal patterns, sentiments and relationships among documents.

Why should you care? 

  • Efficiently uncover new insights and meaning buried within text data.
  • Drive measurable improvements utilizing sources you currently have – but are not using.
  • Gain a richer understanding of your current business initiatives.

Where do you start? 

SAS solutions for text mining encompass a number of text based components, each uniquely featured for an organization to start by matching current business needs:

  • Text Mining – Capitalize on the value hidden in textual information by mining unstructured data sources.
  • Enterprise Content Categorization – Drive faster, more efficient information organization, access and findability with automated content categorization. 
  • Ontology Management – Maximize the value of your text repositories by linking them together with consistently and systematically defined relationships.
  • Sentiment Analysis – Automatically locate and extract sentiment from the Internet, social networking sites and internal electronic documents to identify more effective strategies.

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