Episode 1 - Information Management: Laying the Foundation for Data Driven Insights
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Regardless of your department, data provides the foundation for any decision making process, and without an integrated data strategy, it's impossible to make a truly informed decision. Companies often struggle in developing organization-wide data strategies, but this doesn't have to be the standard. A phased approach aligning People, Process and Technology is often the best practice as this method looks at shaping the entire information management lifecycle.

Whitepaper of Interest:
Supporting Your Information Strategy with a Phased Approach to Master Data Management 

Episode 2 – Identifying and Addressing Customer Churn
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In mature markets like Telecommunications, identifying and retaining your profitable customers is priority number one. To do this effectively, each department requires access to the right data and the ability to execute on evidence based decisions. Learn how predictive models and data visualization can be employed to help strategically reduce profitable customer churn.

In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • The process of identifying high value customers who are likely churn candidates
  • The identification of correlated variables that lead to churn amongst customers with similar products, geographies, and customer service experiences
  • How Analytics can be used to take preventative action and win back your most profitable customers

Episode 3 – Optimizing the Customer Experience with Analytics
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In today's competitive environment when every product or service can be so quickly and easily duplicated, it's vitally important for organizations to use their data to provide an outstanding customer experience. Join us for this webinar to learn how you can leverage you customer data, data visualization and Analytics to help improve customer experience and differentiate from your competition.

In this presentation we'll discuss:

  • The value of using data visualization as a discovery process for guiding business decisions
  • Highlight best in class organizations leveraging Analytics to provide a consistent customer experience
  • The importance of developing an organization wide Information Management and Analytics strategy