According to research from Erik Brynjolfsson, director at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, data-driven decision-making can explain 4-6% of productivity and profitability growth in an organization.

But how do you promote data-driven and analytics based decision-making in your organization? How do you create a true "Analytics Culture" in your organization?

With SAS Visual Analytics you can change the game:

  • Discover patterns, trends and answers as fast as you can think up the questions ...
  • Collaborate and share new discoveries for better, faster decision making
  • Business Users can analyze any amount of data with intelligent predictive analytics
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One click data access Perform root cause analysis by applying visual filters Visually analyse data without writing queries


Auto generate the right report based on selected data Identify key relationships with one click analytics Descriptive statistics instantly available like mean, min, max


Deploy anywhere web, portal tablet with NO user limitations Interactive report viewing through native iPad app support Add comments to reports, share and collaborate Reports viewable offline

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